Links Awakening

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening for Nintendo Switch is an absolutely stunning remake, but unlike many other first-party offerings on the system, it struggles to maintain a solid frame rate and can suffer from serious performance dips during more heated moments on-screen.

You would think this would be the top-priority for Grezzo, in terms of fixes, but apparently not. The game's first update (Version 1.0.1) has arrived and it instead resolves a minor but arguably more concerning issue that was causing the game to lock up.

Here are the full patch notes, courtesy of the Nintendo support website:

Ver. 1.0.1 (Released October 24, 2019)

-Fixed an error where certain conditions would cause Marin to stop moving in Toronbo Shores, and the game would lock up.
-Downloading this update will also fix saved games where the error is already in effect.

While it's probably not the patch some of us were hoping for, it's always great to see any glitches or issues like the one above removed. With any luck, Nintendo and Grezzo release some sort of update in the future that improves the game's frame rate.

Have you downloaded Version 1.0.1 yet? Noticed anything else? Leave a comment below.