So, we've finally been able to share our full thoughts on The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening on Switch, and it's pretty safe to say we love it. Staying true to the original and being filled to the brim with charm, it really is yet another must-have for Switch owners.

As you'll already know if you've read our review, though, there are some technical issues weighing it down just ever so slightly. While it doesn't exactly ruin the experience, occasional slowdown does occur when too many enemies appear on-screen at once, resulting in some slightly wobbly moments where the game has to catch back up to its usual, buttery smooth performance.

So what's going on here, and how much of a problem does it really cause? Answering our nerdy needs are the folks over at Digital Foundry, who have shared a new video analysing the game's technical performance. As it happens, the vast majority of the game plays at a lovely 60fps - which is expected of major Nintendo releases these days - but, as Digital Foundry says, this causes any dips to feel more noticeable than usual, as any drops to 30fps feel pretty significant.

The video goes into much more than just your typical frame rate and resolution checks, however, so make sure to give it a watch if you're interested in learning about what helps to make the game tick under the hood. Plenty of wonderful design choices have been implemented here to make it feel as magical as possible.

Will you be getting the game tomorrow? Excited to get stuck in? Let us know in the comments.

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