Metal Slug Artwork
Image: SNK

At the Tokyo Game Show last September, SNK's Game Division Deputy General Manager Yasuyuki Oda spoke about the possibility of reviving the Metal Slug series but questioned if modern audiences would be able to handle the ruthless one-hit-kill mechanics.

He's now been asked again by Twinfinite if a Metal Slug revival is still being discussed and explained how "nothing" has been decided yet, but SNK is "definitely in a phase" where it has started talking about it and wants to bring it back. Although it's still unsure about how to incorporate one-hit gameplay, Oda has come up with his own idea. As you might have guessed, it's as simple as adding in two different modes:

On whether we’d do the one-hit kill, there are still a lot of discussions about that, but I like the idea of maybe bringing two modes, perhaps with an easy mode with a life gauge.

Most of all, Oda wants to do it right:

But there is still a lot of discussion going on internally about that. We want to make sure we do it right.

Are you eager to see Metal Slug make a return? Are you a fan of the one-hit mechanic? Leave a comment below.