Update: The Sega AGES release Shinobi is out today (31st October) on the Japanese Switch eShop. To celebrate, the publisher has uploaded a clip. Check it out above.

Original Story (Thu 17th Oct, 2019 00:35 BST): The action side-scroller Shinobi has been confirmed for the Sega AGES line since March, so when is Joe Musashi showing up on the Switch eShop? While there's no still no solid release date, it's expected to be the next game made available in Sega's retro-inspired series over in Japan.

This modern iteration is based on the original arcade release dating back to 1987 and will come packed with overseas versions of the game as well. You can also change the difficulty of the title and play in a new cabinet mode. Here's a bit more information from the Japanese Sega Ages website, along with another screenshot:

This is an action game that depicts the battle between the modern-day ninja “Joe Musashi” and the crime syndicate “ZEED” that dominates the dark world. While helping out the child ninja taken away by ZEED, defeat the syndicate soldiers and head to the hideout.

Musashi uses martial arts and swords to attack nearby enemies and shuriken to distant enemies. Also, when pinching, you can use deadly ninjutsu to wipe out enemies on the screen. A huge boss appears at the end of the mission. There are also fantastic battles such as a helicopter carrying a ninja army and a giant computer protected by a Buddha statue.

To see what else is on the way, be sure to check out our previous post covering the Sega FES stage show and all the classic game announcements for Switch eShop. You can also view the Sega AGES website to find out about future releases.

Have you been looking forward to this particular game? Any others you would like to see added to the Sega Ages line? Share your thoughts below.

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