During today's Sega FES stage show, six more titles for the Sega AGES line were revealed.

These upcoming Switch eShop releases include Shinobi, Wonder Boy in Monster Land, Fantasy Zone, Puzzle & Action: Inchidant-R, Herzog Zwei and G-LOC Air Battle.


This single-player action side-scroller is based on the original arcade release dating back to 1987.

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Wonder Boy in Monster Land

This action game for one player includes the Japanese and western version of the game as well as online rankings. The arcade release dates back to 1987.

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Fantasy Zone

Fantasy Zone's Sega Ages debut is based on the 3DS (arcade) release and is designed for 1-2 players. The coin stock system makes the game easier to play and adds in the original Sega Mark III boss. The original arcade game came out in 1986.

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Puzzle & Action: Inchidant-R

Inchidant-R is based on the arcade and overseas version and is a sequel to Puzzle & Action: Tant-R. It comes packed with 16 mini-games, supports two players and was originally released in 1984.

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Herzog Zwei

Originally developed by Technosoft - the talent behind the Thunderforce series - this single-player real-time strategy game will receive online support in the Switch release. The original game launched on the Mega Drive in 1989.

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G-LOC Air Battle

G-LOC Air Battle is a single-player 3D shooter and is a port of the 1990 arcade release.

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More information regarding release dates and localisation will be revealed in the near future.

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