By now you might have seen a supposed 'leak' of a Black Friday Walmart advert doing the rounds on social media which promises a Switch Lite for a mere $149 and a regular Switch for just $199. Sounds spectacular, no?

Well, we're here with a quick PSA: we're sorry to burst your bubble if you'd got excited, but Walmart has confirmed that the ad is not official in any capacity. It's extremely unlikely you'll be picking up a brand new Switch Lite for 150 bucks in a month's time.


The advert, screencapped above in a tweet from NewsVideos, originally got posted on the CheapAssGamer forums, but has since been removed at the request of Walmart. The company quickly moved to pour cold water on the rumour and provided the following short statement to the site owner CheapyD which replaced the original post:

“I can confirm this is not Walmart’s Black Friday ad. We haven’t released our ad yet, but stay tuned! We’re excited about all we have to offer Black Friday shoppers.”

In the run up to the unbridled chaos that is Black Friday we can expect to see more deals like this 'leaking' out, although we recommend exercising extreme caution over anything which looks too good to be true, especially when it comes to Nintendo hardware. You might see some deals on the old model Switch (the OG version without the improved battery life), but we don't imagine there'll be many discounts when it comes to Switch Lites or the revised standard console.

That's it. As you were!

[source cheapassgamer.com]