Sega's famous blue blur will soon be going on one of his speediest adventures yet, leaving us all in the dust as he flies off to space.

In June 2022, the European Space Agency and Airbus will be sending a rocket to Jupiter in order to study its moons; the rocket will be transporting the Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer, or 'JUICE', and one of the instruments found on board this spacecraft was developed by Tohoku University in Japan. Now, it just so happens that the team behind the instrument chose to have Sonic as their mascot for one of the mission's tests.

After asking Sega for permission, the team has managed to snag the following logo to accompany the equipment on its flight. The RPWI, or Radio and Plasma Wave Investigation, aims to investigate the planet's radio activity.

JUICE (and Sonic) will be heading out to Jupiter in June 2022 as mentioned above; arrival at the planet is scheduled for 2029. That really is a long trip.

Good luck, Sonic!

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