Sans Undertale

Sans from Undertale hit the big time recently when it was revealed he would be appearing in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as a costume for the Mii Gunner. So, where does the popular character go from here? To the All Elite Wrestling circuit, of course.

As part of the AEW Halloween celebrations, the executive vice president, wrestler and Undertale fan Kenny Omega dressed up as the cult-hit skeleton and walked out on-stage with the game's Megalovania track playing in the background.

Here's a brief glimpse, courtesy of the Twitter user @GIFSkull (fast forward to the one-minute mark for the walkout):

If you're curious to know how it all ended, Sans (Omega) defeated his opponent with a "one winged angle finisher" but was then attacked ringside by another wrestler and got beaten to a pulp.

As a reminder, Sans and his music track for Smash Bros. can be purchased and downloaded directly from the Switch eShop. Or, if Smash isn't your thing, you could always download and play Undertale instead.

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