If you boot up Mario Kart Tour on your smartphone today, you'll notice that the game has been updated to Version 1.1.0. The update brings with it a few new features and fixes "minor issues", but hasn't yet added multiplayer racing.

Perhaps the most exciting addition that has arrived is the new badge list. If you head to the game's menu and tap 'Badges', you can now view a list of all the badges you've acquired through challenges and can choose to display them as you see fit.

A new point checking feature has also been added, allowing players to check how many points are needed to get a Grand Star, the number of Grand Stars you have, and your current best score for each course/bonus challenge.

You won't be able to continue playing the game without updating, so the app will ask you to do just that the next time you log on. Nintendo shared a little more info in a tweet this morning, but players are mostly using it as an opportunity to further demand multiplayer racing. An update is definitely on its way to add the feature, but it's currently unknown when it'll arrive.

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