If you're into your Lovecraftian horror (and if you're a horror fan, games taking inspiration from the early-20th Century fiction writer are difficult to avoid), you might want to keep an eye on this newly-announced number. Indie development team Drop of Pixel has revealed an upcoming Switch exclusive that goes by the name of Underworld Dreams. And no, it's not a tie-in for the next instalment of the vampire/werewolf Kate Beckinsale-led Underworld film franchise.

Set in the 1980s, it's actually based on the The King In Yellow, a book of short stories by Robert W. Chambers. It's a resolutely single-player narrative experience that looks to involve puzzle-solving as well as getting up close and personal with some unsavoury looking sorts.

Here are a few of the highlights according to the developers, followed by some screenshots:

- Investigate your environment, find clues and solve riddles.
- Fight menacing creatures using different kinds of weapons.
- Experience an engaging, twisting plot.
- Inspired by H.P. Lovecraft, based in “The King in Yellow” written by Robert W. Chambers.
- Different endings depending on the decisions made in your adventure.
- Developed exclusively for Nintendo Switch™.

It's fair to say that the game's looking a little 'rough-and-ready' by modern standards, but that'll be of little consequence if Drop of Pixel manages to nail the chilling atmosphere. Time will tell on that one - the game is scheduled for release in Q1 2020 - but we'll be keeping an eye on it. The team will be showing a playable demo of the game at Manga Barcelona from 31st October - 3rd November, so we'll expect to see and hear more come Halloween time.

Had your fill of Lovecraftian horror or is this the sort of thing that keeps you up at night (in a good way)? Be sure to let us know below your thoughts on the trailer above.