Earlier this year, the Virtual Boy made a surprise cameo in the Labo VR Kit. Despite being considered as the worst video game system Nintendo has ever created, its legacy somehow continues to live on. It's now returning once again, this time in the upcoming Switch release Luigi's Mansion 3.

Following on from the Game Boy Horror in the original Luigi's Mansion and the Dual Scream in the 3DS sequel is the Virtual Boo – a brand new device Professor E. Gadd shares with Luigi early on in the third outing to allow the pair to communicate with each other at all times. Here's how the professor describes it:

It's a state-of-the-art virtual-reality device fitted with a fancy red screen! Really cutting-edge stuff! And red is all the rage, you know?

Just wait until I finish the marketing materials on this! It'll fly off the shelves! Heh heh heh!

When Luigi is being contacted by the professor, a VB icon will appear on the screen. He then puts the red monochrome head-mounted display up to his face (it's just like the real thing). All of these exchanges between Luigi and E.Gadd have a Virtual Boy filter – bringing back some not-so-fond memories. See for yourself below:

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