Ever since Mario Kart Tour launched, fans have been asking, demanding, and praying for the inclusion of Luigi. He was promised to be a playable character but was strangely missing from the starting lineup, so yesterday's big announcement went down well with the green plumber's fan base.

Doing what he does best, though, Waluigi has now burst onto the scene to ruin Luigi's big day. Yet another announcement for Mario Kart Tour sees the return of Waluigi Pinball, a great little track from Mario Kart DS which has racers darting through a giant pinball machine inspired by the Wah-master himself, and Waluigi is joining the party as a playable character, too.

The Luigi announcement we spoke about also revealed the introduction of the Luigi's Mansion course, which also came from Mario Kart DS.

Well, at least Waluigi has managed to get into one collaborative Nintendo title, huh?