Update 2 - Tue 22nd Oct, 2019 11:30 BST: Nintendo has posted the above video introducing the Halloween Tour, with the game cheekily being renamed in the opening seconds as 'Luigi Kart Tour'. The video details the arrival of Luigi, King Boo, the Ghost Valley course, plus 'eerie karts and gliders'. Ah, the irony that Luigi is arguably the least scary Mushroom Kingdom denizen! Also confirmed is the return of Time Trials.

Update - Sun 20th Oct, 2019 22:45 BST: The Mario Kart Tour Twitter account has now also confirmed King Boo will be making his royal entrance in the upcoming Halloween tour.

On top of this is a look at what appears to be Luigi's Poltergust 4000, which originally debuted in Mario Kart DS, and is an upgraded version of the Poltergust 3000 featured in Luigi's Mansion.

Original Story - Sat 19th Oct, 2019 12:00 BST: When Nintendo launched Mario Kart Tour on mobile devices in September, one character missing from the initial roster was Luigi.

After making headlines a number of years ago for his "death stare" in Mario Kart 8, the famous brother is now being added to the newest entry as a part of the month of Luigi celebrations. Here's the official announcement:

In addition to this is the upcoming Halloween tour - which will start next week on 22nd October and runs until 5th November. Here's a promotional tweet featuring the Luigi's Mansion track from Mario Kart DS:

Are you looking forward to this playing as Luigi in Mario Kart Tour? Are you still playing this game on a regular basis? Tell us below.