If you're in the market for some extra accessories to go with your fancy, new Nintendo Switch Lite - and if you don't mind handing over a few quid to do just that - these new cases from WaterField might be exactly what you're after.

We've featured WaterField's products on the site several times before, largely thanks to the fact that they cater to people who prefer a smarter, less-obvious approach when taking their Switch out and about. This new range of Switch Lite cases is no different, giving you a way to take your console outside safely without showing off the expensive goods contained within.


The images you can see above are of the Slip Case, available from WaterField's site for $59 (we told you these were premium products). You can check out a feature list for these below, but there are also new Switch Lite versions of WaterField's previous designs for the original Switch - the Cityslicker and the Pouch.

- Available in: locally-manufactured colorful Luna textiles with a water- and stain-repellent Nanotex finish; black ballistic nylon; and brown waxed canvas.
-Ultra plush liner—as soft as a puppy’s ear—protects the handheld and accessories.
- Two interior pockets hold games, charging cable, and earbuds.
- Pocket placement protects joysticks from impact.
- Unique, full-length, magnetic closure quietly secures contents.
- Switch Lite can remain inside the Slip Case while connected to an exterior charger.
- Bottom swath of premium leather serves as an easy grip when removing the console.

The original run of the Slip Case has already sold out, so any orders you make now are expected to ship by 4th October.

Make sure to let us know if you decide to treat yourself to one of these in the comments below.