Switch Lite

When Nintendo revealed the Switch Lite to the world in July, it was evident the new system was aimed at a different and arguably much younger market. This was reflected in the price of the unit, which according to Takashi Mochizuki of The Wallstreet Journal, was an ongoing concern for Nintendo during the development phase.

Mochizuki said Nintendo was very eager to capture the "low end" market by pricing the system below $199.99 / £199.99. Suppliers reportedly stated how the Japanese company even tried to "aggressively" cut the costs of the system prior to its release, and one executive claimed they "battled" Nintendo for months on end over the pricing of a key component.

Given the success of the low-cost 3DS / 2DS line with younger audiences, it's easy to see why Nintendo would be so keen to drive down the costs of the Switch Lite. The new unit and new software – like Pokémon Sword and Shield – is expected to help maintain the Switch sales momentum this holiday season.

The WSJ also mentioned how Murata Manufacturing Co. is a new "lithium-ion battery" supplier for Nintendo. By having this company compete with TDK Corp. (Nintendo's existing supplier), Nintendo hopes to lower battery costs.

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