You've likely heard how the Japanese composer Kazumi Totaka is known for slipping a short melody into almost every Nintendo game he has worked on. "Totaka's Song" was originally discovered by western players in Mario Paint on the Super Nintendo, but had in fact made its debut in the Japan-only Game Boy title X, released weeks earlier. Later down the line it could be heard in games like Animal Crossing and Pikmin on GameCube.

One other title it featured in was The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening on Game Boy. It returned in the DX version on Game Boy Color and has now been rediscovered in the remake for Switch, due out next week. There are two ways to hear this tune, in the Switch release. As detailed by GameXplain, if you stand in Richard's villa for approximately two minutes and 30 seconds, the standard music will be replaced with a modern version of Totaka's Song.

Back in the day, there was also one extra way to hear Totaka's Song in Link's Awakening on Game Boy, but it was limited to the Japanese release. Until now, that is. If you type "tokakeke" as the file name in the Switch version, a different version of Totaka's Song will play. For anyone who wants to hear what the song sounds like on Switch, view the video above. You can also listen to what it sounds like if you change the file name to "Zelda".

Have you heard Totaka's Song in the original Link's Awakening before? What other games have you heard this iconic track in? Leave a comment below.