Untitled Goose Game is perfect for a quick dose of mischievous fun, but we never thought it'd be played in a way that sees it go quite this quickly.

When we reviewed the game a few days ago, we essentially praised everything about the honky wonder but were left wanting more. It's a relatively short game to complete and you'll likely see the credits after just a couple of hours or so, but this new speedrun attempt takes that to a whole other level.

YouTube and Twitch streamer Seij has shared the video below, showcasing their recent speedrunning success - which just so happens to be the world record for the game at the time of writing. Seij was able to beat the game in just three minutes and 46 seconds, and it's all thanks to a glitch which can see you bypass fences and reach areas you shouldn't be in.

It's worth noting that the speedrun effort was completed on PC, not Switch, but you can see it all happen below:

Playing in this way kind of ruins the fun of being a cheeky goose, but then using glitches to get to locked areas is exactly the sort of thing that pesky bird would do. It all makes sense after all.

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