Back in June, when Sega revealed the Sega Genesis Mini / Mega Drive Mini and its library of games during a Famitsu live stream in Japan, it continued to surprise viewers by showing off additional non-functioning components for the device.

This included miniature-sized versions of the Sega CD / Mega CD, 32X add-on, a Sonic & Knuckles-style lock-on connecting cartridge and a normal cart. This entire package is better known as the Sega Mega Drive Tower Mini and it's currently exclusive to Japan.

Despite the limited release, Sega is now sending out the Genesis Tower Mini version to select media within the west, and our very own video producer Zion Grassl was lucky enough to receive one – so he's decided to an unboxing!

Here it is in all its glory!
Image: Nintendo Life

Sega of America senior communications manager Jacob Nahin also made the following comment over on Twitter:

Before anyone asks, these were *very* limited / a small run, and just sent to select folks. No announcements have been made about selling these in the west. We might figure out how to get a few of these into your hands though...

With any luck, Sega finds a way to make the Tower Mini available to fans in the west. Would you like to be able to recreate this almighty stack? Tell us below and be sure to check out the video above.

In the meantime, you could order the Japanese version...

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