Mario Kart Tour

A brand new Mario Kart game is just around the corner, and while its mobile roots have meant that it hasn't generated the usual amount of hype in Nintendo-focused communities like our very own, it's still a particularly interesting time for the franchise.

Mario Kart Tour launches on 25th September and whatever your feelings on the game's potential, it's hard to say no to these 'real-life' trailers that have been popping up over the last few days. Starring a crew of construction Toads, the videos showcase the game's various tracks being built ready for the big release next week, but Toads can be pretty clumsy when they want to be.

The first video in the series was set in Tokyo (you can remind yourself of that one here), but we've now been treated to small clips for Paris and New York, too.

There's just something really cool about seeing Nintendo characters mixing with our world; we were actually just about to say that we'd love to adopt a Toad or two into our homes, but then we remembered their horrifying screams.

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