Image: via Nintendo

Update (Wed 18th Sep, 2019 03:15 BST): GoNintendo reveals the page listing for Klonoa on Wii was updated on Nintendo's UK website three days ago (see for yourself).

Update: It would seem that Bandai Namco is planning to update several other classic titles, not just Klonoa.


Original Story (Tue 17th Sep, 2019 03:30 BST): Long-time Klonoa fans will be pleased to hear a new trademark – filed by Bandai Namco – has been discovered for Klonoa of the Wind Encore.

The Klonoa Archives on Twitter believes the trademark is likely referring to a port or a new entry of an unspecified Klonoa title, while GoNintendo further explains how the trademark has ties to the original game, known as Klonoa: Door to Phantomile in the United States.

A remake of the original 2.5D platform game was previously released on the Wii in 2009, featuring updated visuals and a remixed soundtrack.

This lesser-known floppy-eared protagonist started out life in 1997 on the PlayStation. Since 2014, there have been rumours of a new game and in 2016 an animated film based on the character was announced and then cancelled at the beginning of this year.

Would you like to see Bandai Namco give Klonoa another chance? Did you play any of the character's games released on past Nintendo systems? Leave a comment below.

[source gonintendo.com]