To build some excitement for the release of Mario Kart Tour on mobile later this month, Nintendo has been sharing information about the game over on the official Twitter account. In the latest update, we're introduced to the Mega Mushroom.

In the brief clip below, you can see how this item increases a racer's size for a small amount of time and also boosts their speed, allowing them to knock opponents out of the way. If they're attacked, they'll return to normal size.

Although the Mega Mushroom technically debuted in the Mario Party series, its current design first showed up in New Super Mario Bros. on the Nintendo DS. It first appeared in the Mario Kart Arcade series as the Giant Mushroom and later popped up in Mario Kart Wii.

Last week, Nintendo gave us a look at Bowser's Shell and also revealed Peachette and the new item, the Mushroom Cannon.

Will you be trying out Mario Kart Tour when it races onto mobile later this month? Leave a comment below.