Bowser Shell

The Mario Kart nostalgia just keeps coming with the upcoming smartphone release, Mario Kart Tour. Last week, we shared the news that Diddy Kong is strapping in for a return to the series after 11 years away, and it also seems that the game will be receiving the Special Items last seen in Mario Kart: Double Dash!! on the GameCube.

If you played Mario's GameCube karting outing, you'll likely remember that each playable character had its own Special Item. Mario and Luigi had fireballs, Wario and Waluigi had the Bob-omb (which is now an item included as standard, of course), and Petey Piranha and King Boo could actually summon any Special Item usually used by other drivers.

So far, Peach and Daisy's Heart, Yoshi's Yoshi Egg, Bowser and Bowser Jr.'s Bowser Shell, and DK and Diddy Kong's Giant Banana have all been confirmed for the new game. The official Mario Kart Tour Twitter account has highlighted the Bowser Shell, but looking back at the original trailer, you'll spot all of the others we've just mentioned, too.

As a smartphone title, Mario Kart Tour is definitely taking the series in a whole new direction, but the content featured within seems surprisingly welcoming of past ideas. We loved Double Dash!! back in the day, so we won't say no to features like this coming back.

Mario Kart Tour launches on Android and iOS on 25th September.