Pro Controller
Image: @d0nnykong

The Nintendo Switch has been on the market for more than two and half years now, but one of its available functions hasn't had any use (officially, at least) in all that time. Now, though, the time has finally come for that little function to shine.

On your right-hand Joy-Con and your Pro Controller, you'll notice that the HOME button has a ring around the edge. As you may or may not already be aware, that ring is actually an LED light; we've seen it light up before but only when a Pro Controller connects to Steam.

Starting from today, thanks to a Switch system update which takes the console's firmware to Version 9.0, the light will finally be used for "alarm notifications". You can see how that works below:

Alarm Notifications have been added to System Settings > Notifications.
- You can check or delete pre-set alarms.
- Alarms can be set up only within supported software (to be added at a later time).
- A controller firmware update may be required to use this feature.

Ironically, we've been trying all sorts of tricks to get our controllers to light up in the office - online game invites, friend requests, and anything that might be considered a "notification" - but haven't managed to get it to work. Of course, the text above refers to the alarm function being added in the future, but we'd hoped other notifications might work, too - as hinted at by this Switch Lite feature image. Switch Lite exclusive?


Having any luck? Noticed your controllers flashing at you for the first time today? Tell us below.