Mario Odyssey

As part of Nintendo's efforts to cut down the cost of the new Switch Lite, the original system's HD Rumble was entirely sacrificed. Not only does the Switch Lite lack HD Rumble, but it lacks any kind of rumble whatsoever.

For some games, this would seemingly present a pretty serious problem. Take Super Mario Odyssey, for example: some of the game's collectable Power Moons require the player to use the console's rumble to track them down, so how can someone playing on a Switch Lite enjoy the same experience?

Well, as it happens, running Super Mario Odyssey on a Switch Lite reveals a neat little workaround. As shown off by GameXplain down below, walking over an area which would usually be highlighted to the player through rumble now causes the screen to visibly shake. It's pretty hard to see it in the recording below, but it's there.

It appears that the game recognises the Switch Lite as a rumble-less controller; hooking up regular Joy-Con causes the game to play as usual without the screen shake, so the game appears to adapt to your needs.

It's pretty safe to assume, then, that future games could work in a similar way, not having to sacrifice the use of HD Rumble on the original unit while still being perfectly playable on the Lite.

Good stuff.