Pokémon Sword and Shield include a lot of new pocket monsters unique to the Galar region. One of these is the Fairy-type cream Pokémon, Alcremie. Fans got their first glimpse of this creature in a special trailer showing off Gigantamaxing.

While you've probably already seen this Pokémon, what you might not know is that there are actually more than 20 different variants (flavours) of it that change its colour and the fruit on the top of its head. explains how this was teased earlier this week during Nintendo's Direct presentation. The only two flavours currently known by name are vanilla and matcha, but over 20 flavours (28 to be precise) have been catalogued. That's the same amount of variants as Unown!

Alcremie Chart Serebii

If you missed the Sword and Shield news from this week's Direct, it showed a brief look at cosmetic customisation, Pokémon Camps, curry rice recipes, and the new Pokémon Cramorant and Polteageist.

Will Alcremie be joining your party when Sword and Shield arrive in November? Leave a comment down below.

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