Slowpoke was introduced as Kagawa Governer in a 2018 April Fool's Joke, but things have escalated since then

Slowpoke might not be the most powerful or most useful Pokémon in battle, and it might not be quite as famous as critters like Pikachu and Charmander, but it's definitely won over the hearts of those in the Japanese prefecture of Kagawa.

Over the last few days, special manhole covers depicting Slowpoke have been installed across the prefecture as part of the region's ongoing partnership with The Pokémon Company. Slowpoke acts as an ambassador for Kagawa, and has technically done so since December last year, but this new set of manhole designs really puts Slowpoke on the Kagawa map - quite literally.

Apparently, part of the reason Slowpoke has been chosen as an ambassador for the prefecture is thanks to its Japanese name, 'Yadon'. Sounding similar to 'Udon', a noodle dish iconic to the region, the name is a perfect fit, but the match also works thanks to Slowpoke's ability to summon rain and the sweet sap that can be found on its tail; Kagawa is also known for its low precipitation and an institute that researches rare sugar.

If you happen to travel to Kagawa, make sure to keep an eye out for the manhole covers above.

We wish our town had a Pokémon ambassador.

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