9/9/99. It'll be a very long time until we reach a cooler date to launch a console (or anything else for that matter). Yes, it was twenty years ago today that Sega's Dreamcast landed in North America on a date that ranks alongside Sonic 2sday and Mortal Monday in the annals of video game history.

Although it would be Sega's final foray into the realm of dedicated hardware, Dreamcast was a remarkable machine that pioneered many aspects of modern gaming and truly brought arcade-quality experiences into the home. Its online network and 'second screen experience' with its Virtual Memory Units are just a couple of the ways the system was ahead of its time - looking back on the system now without the context of Sega's history in the years preceding release, it's almost impossible to imagine how a console with games that good could be the company's last.

We already took a look at 20 Dreamcast games we'd love to see on Switch back in November last year when the console celebrated its 20th birthday in its Japanese homeland, so today we're interested in hearing from you. Would you like to see Dreamcast classics come to Switch?...

Actually, scratch that - we're going to go out on a limb here and assume the answer is 'yes, of course!', so instead we're asking how you'd like to see the games arrive on Nintendo's hybrid console. Thankfully, developer M2 - the port wizards behind the excellent SEGA AGES series, amongst other things - has confirmed that Dreamcast games are "definitely" coming in the future, although there's still a question as to the exact form they will take on Switch. Last year Jet Set Radio topped a fan poll of games they'd like to see rereleased, but no promises were made.

Would you prefer some sort of ported compilation along the lines of the Dreamcast Collection? Or would you rather - as has already been hinted - that M2 extends its SEGA AGES line to include the 128-bit machine with a smaller number of choice releases instead? The former would probably result in more titles, although the latter would give developers the opportunity to more easily tweak and enhance the games for a modern audience. After all, twenty years is a long time and even the best games can do with a little spit polish.

So, it's a classic question of quality vs. quantity. Click your choice below and hit the 'Vote' button to let us know your preference:

How should Sega approach releasing Dreamcast games on Switch? (568 votes)

Compilations with as many games as possible - the more the merrier!


Fewer games, but touched up and tweaked for Switch


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It's a tough one - do you think the games stand up well enough already or could they do with a little modern massaging? Regardless, happy birthday to Dreamcast - she went before her time. Feel free to share your memories of Peter Moore, VMUs and Arsenal FC sponsorship below, along with which Dreamcast games you'd most like to see on Switch.