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M2 - the development team behind the Sega AGES line - is currently busy bringing Sega's retro line of games across to the Switch. Sega itself even ran a poll not long ago asking fans what games they wanted to see added to the series in the future. Surprisingly, the Dreamcast classic Jet Set Radio topped the list - this doesn't necessarily mean it will happen but the Japanese company is certainly looking into it.

While there's obviously interest from both sides to see Dreamcast games up and running on the Switch, it turns out M2 has recently been researching other Sega technology. In an interview with Game Watch, courtesy of Nintendo Everything, M2 President Naoki Horii and Sega AGES Producer Kagasei Shimomura revealed the team had been looking into releasing games from the Sega Naomi arcade board which was first demonstrated in 1998.

Here's what the pair had to say:

Horii: We’re actually in the middle of researching SEGA NAOMI’s* titles as opposed to those on Dreamcast, to put it precisely. Truth be told, there’s a NAOMI game that we’re working on at present just because we wanted to play it. We’re actually presenting it because it’s a title that has stuck with Shimomura-san – one way or another we were going to release it.

Shimomura: The Nintendo Switch can already run NAOMI titles, that much is certain. I want to make sure that SEGA AGES Vol. 1 is a hit.

*The SEGA NAOMI is an arcade board that shares a common “architecture” with the Dreamcast.

Horii: The Nintendo Switch is a console that can serve as a portable system – that being said we can still have the games run at a high resolution and run well.

As is explained in the interview, the Naomi arcade board shares a common architecture with the Dreamcast - with games like the original Crazy Taxi title appearing in both the arcade and on Sega's home console at the time. There are plenty of other releases utilising this board as well. The Sega staffers are certain that Dreamcast games will be part of the AGES line at some point.

Would you like to see Sega Naomi titles added to the AGES line? Tell us below.

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