Pokemon Masters

The latest Pokémon game on the block, smartphone title Pokémon Masters, has already amassed a whopping ten million downloads.

The game's only been available worldwide since 29th August, meaning that the milestone has been accomplished in just four days. The day after launch, it was revealed that the game had topped the iPhone download charts in 27 countries.

To put things into perspective, Nintendo's mobile title Fire Emblem Heroes managed to secure five million Android downloads after one whole year on sale. While this Android-only data isn't as good a comparison as we'd like (we imagine iOS downloads would push that number to somewhere near the 10 million mark), it still gives a pretty strong indication of just how well Pokémon Masters has done in its opening week.

In our review of the game, we said that Pokémon Masters is a solid mobile release and perhaps one of the most well-realised Pokémon mobile titles to date, but it doesn't come without its flaws.

Have you tried the game yourself? What are your thoughts now that you've had a few days with it? Tell us below.

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