Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes was an interesting project from Intelligent Systems, managing to adequately miniaturize the depth of a Fire Emblem game while still having the accessibility of a mobile game. It certainly isn’t a stand in for the full retail game due out on the Switch sometime this year, but it no doubt went a long way towards improving brand awareness and growing the fanbase.

Google Play recently reported that Fire Emblem Heroes has crossed the 5 million mark on total installs, and while the exact number is a mystery, that’s still quite a lot of people that have at least tried it out. With estimates putting revenue at just shy of a quarter billion dollars, Nintendo is likely satisfied with the app’s success thus far, and it still receives regular updates to keep users coming back. Hopefully Mario Kart Tour will find a similar level of success, though it’s fair to say that one will likely be a much easier sell.

What do you think? Have you spent any money on Fire Emblem Heroes? Do you still play it much? Share your thoughts in the comments below.