Pokémon GO developer Niantic will pay $4 million to settle a class-action lawsuit which was first raised against the company when the game first launched back in 2016.

As you may remember, the early days of Pokémon GO's app store reign were slightly dampened with reports of dangerous play and trespassing, causing some to lodge official complaints against the developer. In this particular case, legal proceedings were initiated by 12 US plaintiffs who had been affected by the game, including one person who reported that a number of players had knocked on their door asking to catch Pokémon in their back garden.

The majority of Niantic's payout will reportedly go towards legal fees, leaving the 12 plaintiffs with just $1,000 each for their troubles; the official settlement notes that no further litigation will take place, mentioning that the case "presented novel issues of law regarding virtual trespass that have been untested in the courts".

Niantic will, however, implement a new online reporting system in an attempt to prevent trespassing in the future. The company says that 95% of complaints issued through the website will be handled within 15 days, and has also committed to removing all Pokéstops close to single-family homes with a promise that no more will be added to such locations going forward.

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