Nintendo Switch Online subscribers in Japan will have to pay a slightly higher fee to renew their subscriptions starting from October, as the service's standard price is due to rise.

Japanese Nintendo reports that Nintendo has been sending emails to Switch Online subscribers in Japan to notify them of the change; prices will be increasing from 1st October thanks to an increase in the country's consumption tax. At present, Japan's consumption tax stands at 8%, but this will be bumped up to 10% next month.

Thankfully, with the Switch Online service's pricing being relatively low in the first place, we doubt the change will have too much of an effect on many players. A 12-month subscription currently costs ¥2,400 (approx. £18.10) and this will rise to ¥2,448 (approx. £18.46). By our calculations, a Family subscription will therefore rise from its usual ¥4,500 price to roughly ¥4,584 (approx. £33.90 to £34.53).

Naturally, Switch Online subscribers based in any other country won't be affected and will be able to renew or pick up a new subscription at the original pricing.

Hopefully all those SNES games will be worth the extra cash!

[source japanesenintendo.com]