Balloon Fight

If you love playing retro games on your Nintendo Switch, you've probably tried out at least one of Hamster's games from its Arcade Archives collection over the past few years. The series does a wonderful job faithfully reproducing classic arcade experiences and enhances this era of gaming with a number of modern features.

At the Tokyo Game Show this weekend, Hamster announced a new batch of titles for its ongoing series. These upcoming releases include Scramble, VS. Castlevania and Detana!! TwinBee from Konami. Golf and Balloon Fight from Nintendo. And T.A.N.K. / TNK III (SNK), Kaitei Daisensou / In the Hunt (Irem) and Time Tunnel from TAITO (thanks, Japanese Nintendo).

Like previous releases, you'll be able to change the difficulty and compete against high scores set by players from around the world. Will you be adding any of these arcade classics to your digital library on the Switch? Leave a comment below.