Pokemon Sword and Shield

As with all main series Pokémon games before them, Pokémon Sword and Shield each have minor differences which you should know about before jumping in. You'll notice different Pokémon and even Gym Leaders appearing in your game depending on the version you buy, so we've gathered all of the version-exclusive characters for you below, including the recently announced Sirfetch'd.

We'll kick things off with the Pokémon themselves. Here are all of the Pokémon currently confirmed to be exclusive to each version. We'll make sure to update this list as and when new exclusives are revealed.

Pokémon Sword Exclusive Pokémon

Name Pokédex No.
Farfetch'd 83
Deino 633
Zweilous 634
Hydreigon 635
Jangmo-o 782
Hakamo-o 783
Kommo-o 784
Sirfetch'd ?

Pokémon Shield Exclusive Pokémon

Name Pokédex No.
Galarian Ponyta 77
Larvitar 246
Pupitar 247
Tyranitar 248
Goomy 704
Sliggoo 705
Goodra 706

Pokémon Sword Exclusive Gym Leaders

- Gym Leader Bea

Bea is a prodigy in Galar karate, carrying on its century-old traditions and techniques. Known for her stoicism and rarely showing her emotions, Bea is also an expert on Fighting-type Pokémon. Her battle style remains very precise even when she’s backed into a corner.


Pokémon Shield Exclusive Gym Leaders

- Gym Leader Allister

Allister is a talented Trainer of Ghost-type Pokémon who has taken on the mantle of the Ghost-type Gym Leader at a young age. He’s extremely shy and fearful, and he always hides his face with a mask when around other people. Allister rarely makes public appearances and apparently spends most of his time around ruins or in cemeteries.


If you're on the fence about which version you'd like to pick up, hopefully this list will help to make your mind up. As we mentioned above, we'll update this article with any more version-exclusives as and when they're revealed - it might be a good idea to bookmark this page and keep checking back.

Which version are you going for? Sword or Shield? Or are you eyeing up both? Tell us below.