Spanish developer Herobeat Studios has revealed that Endling, a 3D survival adventure game, is set to release on Nintendo Switch and other platforms in 2021.

The game has you experiencing what life would be like in a world ravaged by mankind, all through the eyes of the last fox on Earth. It's an eco-conscious project which hopes to leave a lasting impression on its players; in a press release, a choice quote reads, "We are truly and deeply worried about climate change and natural disasters caused by humans. This game aims to help raise awareness about real environmental issues".

With the release date set so far in advance, it's understandable that the trailer above wouldn't show off any real gameplay. What it does have, however, is a wonderful aesthetic and tone to its soundtrack; those ending notes gave us a good shiver and reminded us of the equally excellent soundtrack in Ubisoft's Child of Light.

Game Features
Explore devastated environments based on real current issues.
- Hunt other animals to feed your cubs and avoid becoming the prey.
- Put your survival instinct to the test and get involved in emotionally taxing decisions.
- Bring your pups to the last safe haven where humans cannot harm them.
- Care for your cubs, feed them, and teach them new skills to make them less vulnerable.
- Survive!

The screenshots below have been described as representing a work in progress:

We know it's pretty early on, but what do you think? Will you be keeping an eye on this one? Let us know down below.