Switch RingFitAdventure Lifestylephoto 01 (Copy)

Nintendo has unveiled its latest, non-traditional gaming experience for Nintendo Switch, and just like with Nintendo Labo before it, we're full of intrigue, curiosity, and have been left with several questions.

Yes, this is Ring Fit Adventure, something Nintendo has described as "a new type of adventure game". It uses two accessories - the Ring-Con and the Leg Strap - to let players save the world using actual, real-life exercise routines. Nintendo has truly out-Nintendo'd itself once again.

Feel free to catch up on the lengthy trailer and press release info if you missed it, but for those ready for more, let's take a closer look with these new screenshots and images. We'll start with the lifestyle image collection, so that you can get a good look at what you'll actually be doing with the thing when you pick it up next month.

Switch RingFitAdventure Lifestylephoto 02 (Copy)
Switch RingFitAdventure Lifestylephoto 06 (Copy)

As for the gameplay itself? Well, you can see some of the action right here, including a cameo from a bodybuilding dragon which, apparently, will stand between you and your goal of saving the world in the adventure portion of the game.

Switch RingFitAdventure Screen 01 (Copy)
Switch RingFitAdventure Screen 05 (Copy)

Finally, let's take another look at what you'll find waiting for you in-store. Both accessories come included with the game, all wrapped up in this neat looking box.

Are you liking the look of this? We've got to say, a lot of what we've seen does look like it should be good fun. Let us know in the comments below.