CIRCLE Entertainment has revealed that it'll be bringing Centrosphere Games' Button Button Up! to Nintendo Switch. You won't have long to wait, either, as it's due to arrive on 26th September.

The game is a platform-adventure title that features single-player, co-op, and competitive battle modes. You'll be facing a series of puzzles and hazards to clear, all while running around as cute little buttons who have a nice variety of tricks up their sleeves - maybe you'll need to sew your buttons to create a platform, or maybe you'll need to block dangerous lasers that are the same colour as you.

The solo campaign contains four chapters, complete with new characters to discover, checkpoints in case you find things a little tricky, and more to collect. If you opt for the co-op campaign, you'll find unique levels specially designed for two players, but you can choose to tackle them alone if you want a more intense challenge.

The game will be available directly from the Switch eShop for $10.79 / €10,79 during its first week on sale, before rising to its standard price of $11.99 / €11,99 afterwards.

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