Let's get it out there straight away: Angry Bunnies is clearly a blatant rip-off of Angry Birds. Featuring "comical characters", "physics-based demolition", and a title that's about as close to Rovio's world-dominating smartphone release as possible, it's pretty safe to assume that you know what you're getting here.

Still, the game has appeared on the Switch eShop this week and curiously, it's available for free. Angry Bunnies has actually been available on Nintendo platforms before - both 3DS and Wii U had versions - but it always came at a cost. So, now that it's available for free, should you pick it up?

Well, that decision is entirely up to you, of course. When we reviewed the Wii U version a few years back, it scored a rather pitiful 3/10, although the pleasure of playing it did cost buyers about $9 back then. For free, it's harder to say no, but we're still not convinced it's worth your time.

Either way, we're curious to see how people feel about this one. Will you check it out considering its non-existent price point, or does the idea of such an unoriginal clone put you off? Tell us below.