With The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening heading to Switch in just over a month's time, you may well be thinking about getting your pre-order in ready for the big day. If you are, the Nintendo UK Store looks to be a good bet as all of its more affordable bundles have been updated with new goodies.

First up is the standalone game, which was originally available on its own for the standard retail price of £49.99. Now, anyone who orders the game on its own will also receive an added poster and keychain free of charge.

The poster has also made its way into the next tier of Link's Awakening bundles, too. Both bundles which include a copy of the game and an official Zelda Rupee Lamp now come with a poster, but are still available for £54.99. You can see the options down below.

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Sadly, the Nintendo UK store has sold out of the lovely Limited Edition bundle. It's been a particularly pesky product to get your hands on, so we've been tracking its every move online right here if you're still hoping to grab it.

Have you already got your pre-order in? Will you be snapping up one of these deals? Tell us below.