At the very end of July, Ubisoft revealed a brand new Rabbids game for Nintendo Switch. Called Rabbids: Adventure Party, the game is a party title that currently looks set to be a China-exclusive release.

It would appear that this could all change if enough players choose to speak up about their desire to play it, however. In an interview published today by IGN Japan, Ubisoft Chungdu studio manager, Jean-Francois Vallee, mentioned that Japanese fans who want to see the game be released in their home country should go ahead and email Yves Guillemot - Ubisoft's CEO.

It seems to have been said in a slightly jokey manner, and we doubt many Rabbids players have Guillemot's contact details at the ready, but the comment definitely suggests that the game could reach other audiences if players are keen enough (translation provided by NintendoSoup):

“If you are a fan who wants to see this game released in Japan, please send an email to Yves Guillemot (haha). It would really help if you do that!”

The game itself supports up to four players and has you taking on a variety of minigames using the Switch's Joy-Con. We were treated to a first look at its gameplay just a couple of weeks ago.

Would you give the game a go if it were to get a western release? Are Rabbids just not your thing? Whatever your thoughts, share them with us below.

[source jp.ign.com, via nintendosoup.com]