The Switch might not be as powerful as traditional video game consoles currently on the market, but that hasn't stopped developers from reaching for the stars. Plenty of talented developers and publishers aren't even phased by its limitations. In fact, a lot of games designed from the ground up for other systems have successfully made the transition across to Nintendo's beloved hybrid platform.

These games are what our lovely senior video producer Alex Olney is referring to as the "impossible" Nintendo Switch ports. For 15-minutes, you can hear him talk about what we at Nintendo Life think are the most impressive third-party Switch ports. We're purely talking about the technical performance of each game we mention and we haven't included any first-party games. A big shoutout to Digital Foundry as well for supplying us with the finer details about each of these games.

View the video above and tell us if you've played any of these impossible ports made possible on the Nintendo Switch in the comments below.