BNK 9040 BT Audio Sync PR6

Accessory maker Bionik has revealed the BT Audio Sync, a new device which allows players to use Bluetooth headphones with their Nintendo Switch.

The device plugs directly into your Switch console if you're playing in handheld, or uses a little adaptor (which comes included) if you'd prefer to play in docked mode. It's said to offer a "long-range (32 ft) stable connection" that can easily pair up with popular Bluetooth headsets like Apple Airpods or Beats by Dre.

• Adds Bluetooth® feature to Nintendo Switch™ to allow for use of wireless headphones and speakers.
• Passthrough feature does not block console charging port.
• State of the art Bluetooth® technology to ensure high quality audio transmission.
• Powered when plugged into console - no need for batteries.

BT Audio Sync, Switch dock adapter, and user guide.

You can pick it up today for $39.99 if you're interested - it's available now at Amazon or on Bionik's website.

Of course, this isn't the first time we've seen an adaptor like this on the market. Late last year, we had a look at a similar option from GuliKit. You can see our impressions on that one below.

Do you like the sound of using wireless headphones with your Switch? Let us hear your thoughts in the comments.

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