SNK Neo Geo
Image: Nintendo Life

Earlier this year, SNK announced that it was working on new console hardware after the Neo Geo Mini had sold better than expected. Two new system variants were confirmed, and it was stressed that these would be 'new' and would be independent of the existing Neo Geo Mini system.

Today, the company has posted a tweet which reveals this Neo Geo hardware will offer "a modern design and a wonderful play feeling" and that it can "link it to NEOGEO Mini". This new system will apparently "provide you a NEOGEO journey that you have never experienced".

What could this mysterious new machine possibly be? The Neo Geo Mini line of systems has mined SNK's back catalogue fairly comprehensively, although there are a handful of Hyper Neo Geo 64 titles which could potentially be republished on a new mini-console. Could we see an all-in-one Neo Geo system which covers the company's entire history, including pre-Neo Geo arcade, Neo Geo, Hyper Neo Geo 64 and even Neo Geo Pocket?

However, it sounds like SNK is positioning this as a 'new' machine which will offer brand-new experiences, so it's really anyone's guess what form it will take. Perhaps SNK will follow a similar approach to Atari and its all-new VCS, or maybe it will create a console that's capable of rivalling the Switch, PS5 and next-gen Xbox? The latter seems unlikely given the incredible amount of investment involved, but who knows?

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