The Mega Drive Mini (or Genesis Mini, if you must) is launching in the US in just over a month - with Europe to follow shortly afterwards. To promote the console, as well as celebrate its 30th anniversary in the US, Sega has recreated that classic ad. You know the one.

Yes, the 'Genesis does what Nintendon't' commercial is back, although this time around it's a little less brutal. In fact, it's a lot less brutal, as it doesn't take any digs at Nintendo or anyone else at all. Of course, with the Mega Drive Mini, Sega is technically doing what Ninten-did already with the NES and SNES Classics, so it wouldn't get away with it this time.

Give it a watch here (we've included the original below if you need a refresher):

The original:

Now then, excuse us while we start whistling the 'Genesis Does' tune over and over again in the office. If you're looking to pick up your own Mega Drive Mini, here's everything you need to know.