The Sega Mega Drive Mini is tantalisingly close to release, but fans in Europe will have to wait a little bit longer than first thought to get their hands on one.

The miniature release - which will work in a similar way to Nintendo's very own NES and SNES Classic edition consoles - was scheduled to launch on Thursday 19th September 2019. The European release date has been pushed back by a couple of weeks, however, with a new date of 4th October being provided by Sega.

The folks over at Eurogamer have shared a statement from Sega which discusses the delay. Here's what it had to say:

"We are committed to a successful launch for consumers in all territories, and this step will ensure we can meet demand and fulfil all the individual pre-orders and retail orders in Europe and the Middle East at the same time.

"Customers in those regions are still able to preorder from participating retailers and those who have already preordered will only have to wait an extra two weeks for their little box full of retro magic."

If you're looking to secure your own Mega Drive Mini, hopefully this full guide on pre-order options and console information will come in handy. 42 games are included on the system, so we're sure there'll be something for everyone.

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