Remember when Mario went topless and the entire internet seemed to grind to a halt in order to discuss his nipples? What a ride that was. Well, 2019 has its own version of 'nipplegate', although this time around, it's the lack of nipple that is causing consternation.

Recent footage from Switch exclusive Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 shows the bare-chested duo of Dr. Robotnik (or Dr. Eggman, if you prefer) and Wario standing proudly on the podium. Nothing wrong with that, you might assume – after all, many sporting events require the participants to wear a limited amount of clothing.

However, upon closer inspection, it would seem that poor old Wario has no nipples. This phenomena – as noted by Games Radar – has caused quite a stir online.

Now, before we start assuming that a nipple-less Wario is now canon, it's worth noting that other Twitter users have posted visual rebuttals to this stance, citing slightly shaded areas which could be nipple-like in nature.

Wario Nipples
Image: @RobbyB3ll4s

However, the jury would still appear to be out on the whole topic, as Wario's nips are certainly less pronounced than Mario's. Also, why do both characters in this shot lack belly buttons?

And they say games journalism isn't glamorous.

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