Eevee Cake
Image: Nintendo/Creatures/Game Freak, via Nintendo Soup

We often find ourselves longingly staring at food from the likes of Japan's Kirby Cafe or Pokémon Cafes, but soon realise that we'd struggle to actually bite into Kirby's delicious-looking face out of a weird sense of guilt. You can't eat Kirby, can you? Thing is, though, as 'mature' and 'responsible' adults, showing any signs of attachment to an edible video game character would probably be frowned upon.

Representing our feelings perfectly, though, is this young boy from Japan, who recently went through a very similar experience after his parents cut open an Eevee cake. It's actually an ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins and looks like this on the inside (thanks, Nintendo Soup):

Image: via Nintendo Soup

His parents captured the cake-slicing ordeal and shared it to Twitter, where it has since gone viral across Japan:

Worry not, though, as the very same account soon updated the tweet with a new message. It thanks Twitter users for their kind words and even concerns about the boy's wellbeing, before assuring everyone that he was soon completely satisfied again after tucking into the cake itself. Bless.

"Tell me that you're alright, that everything is alright"
"Tell me that you're alright, that everything is alright" (Image: @nyannyannyai)

We're glad he's actually OK first and foremost, but we're also very jealous of his cake and his bravery to publicly show the heartache of seeing your favourite gaming characters be demolished in front of your eyes.

Now, how much does it cost to ship one of those cakes to the UK?

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