Dragon Marked For Death Artwork

Inti Creates has been releasing its games on Nintendo systems for many years now. More recently on the Switch, we've seen titles such as Dragon: Marked for Death and Blaster Master Zero 2 made available. There's no plan to stop anytime soon, either.

During a recent chat with Nintendo Everything, company president Takuya Aizu reassured loyal fans the Switch would remain a priority and further explained how the Japanese developer built its legacy on Nintendo's systems:

We have every intention of putting pretty much every single one of our titles on the Nintendo Switch. Whether it will be available on other platforms or not is kind of like on a game-by-game basis. But don’t expect us to pull our support for the Nintendo Switch anytime soon.

I can’t emphasize enough the fact enough you really don’t have to worry about our support for Nintendo Switch disappearing. You’ve gotta remember, Inti Creates is basically a company that built its legacy from the get-go on Nintendo platforms, and we have pretty much all of the staff at Inti Creates loves Nintendo games, loves Nintendo platforms, so when we basically create a new game, the first system we always imagine it on is a Nintendo system, so you can pretty much expect this to keep kind of continuing our trend of creating games on a Nintendo platform and then where appropriate and where possible, porting them to other systems from there.

In terms of the future, Inti Creates has some updates planned for Dragon: Marked for Death and is focused on Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX. It has a few other titles in mind as well. One will be a multiplatform release and the other is more likely to be a Switch exclusive. There'll also be a third Azure Striker Gunvolt game, which Yoshihisa Tsuda (series director) is currently thinking about.

although he hasn’t really done anything on it yet – we of course have Gunvolt 3 that Tsuda-san is thinking about in his head

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