PQube and developer Compile Heart have released a new gameplay trailer for Gun Gun Pixies, a third-person 'shooter' launching on Switch next week.

If you haven't heard about this one already, Gun Gun Pixies falls into that very particular gaming category of 'creepy girl-watching, but mixed with a splattering of shooter elements'. It has you taking control of two tiny pixie girls from outer space in order to sneak into a women's dormitory and "find out about human behaviour". Then, when the women are distracted by doing Yoga, exercising, trying on outfits, bathing, or studying, you swoop in and "barrage them with harmless happy bullets" to learn more about them. Yep.

As you can expect, their Earth-based mission combines those shooting mechanics with an awful lot of sneaking; players try to avoid being seen by the girls they're spying on, before interacting with them in various ways. You can see some of this action take place in the new trailer we mentioned earlier.

As we've shared previously, a Day One Edition will be available, complete with a special Nintendo Switch collector's box that includes the game and an artbook. The game itself lands in Europe both physically and digitally on 6th September; in North America, it launches digitally on 10th September and physically on 1st November.


As the press release puts it: "Endorphins activated"!