Last year Satisfye's successfully Kickstarted Switch grip, the the cumbersomely named Satisfye Pro Gaming Grip for Nintendo Switch, launched to cries of relief from a certain group of Switch gamers. If you've got average-to-large sized hands, or if you simply play your Switch a lot, you may suffer a little from hand cramps using the diminutive console in handheld mode. Switch Lite will be an excellent portable option for many, but some of us here at Nintendo Life already need special aids to use the system comfortably on-the-go - anything smaller would send us into spasms of digital discomfort.

The original accessory provided a convenient, ergonomic solution to those of us experiencing portable pain. Not Satisfyed with their original efforts, the team has now announced a new version with various tweaks and upgrades to give gamers the best possible experience when playing Switch away from the telly.

The SwitchGrip Pro boasts increased airflow and a whole bunch of extra silicon to hold the console firmly without making undue contact with the Switch itself. While the original was an improvement for the hefty-handed, this version has also been tweaked to be more comfortable for people with pint-sized paws. Everyone's a winner.

No Touch

A second video from the company goes into all the improvements with a side-by-side comparison with the original. It's currently up for pre-order for $24.99 plus shipping, although that's a special 'Early Bird' price that runs out in 8 days at the time of writing.

Our lovely resident video producer Alex reviewed last year's model - watch him get to grips it in the video below:

Do you experience discomfort while playing Switch in handheld mode? Do you already have a similar device to accommodate your 'normous knuckles? Let us know by bashing out a little comment in the box below.